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Posted by Glenn

I thought it might be useful for new visitors, if I compiled a list of all the posts so far relating to Keren.  These are in order of posting, unlike the “Recently Written” links, which are listed most recent first.

  1. Welcome, to a family touched by Trisomy 18

  2. Our First Encounter with Trisomy 18

  3. Special Care Baby Unit in Antrim Area Hospital (SCBU)

  4. The Name…Keren

  5. The Confirmation of Trisomy 18

  6. Meeting their little sister, for the first time…

  7. Holding our new baby for the First Time

  8. Keren, Our Wee Fighter!

  9. Keren’s week in SCBU

  10. Knocklayde…with a slight difference!

  11. Tiny Clothes, for our Tiny Baby

  12. Learning to feed wee Keren

  13. Keren was so content

  14. Dublin Airport…overnight

  15. As Light as a Feather!

  16. Wee Keren…Fast Asleep

  17. Keren…Wide Awake!

  18. Keren gets home for an Afternoon

  19. Sibling Love


4 Responses to “Keren…updated list”

  1. Lori on November 23rd 10:00 am

    Your baby Keren, looks so perfect and beautiful. My nephew’s baby has Edwards Syndrome and has been on a breathing tube since her birth two weeks ago. The doctor says she will die without it so they have decided to remove it and let nature take its course. His baby has not even responded to his voice, and your baby was looking around and moving normally. Could you tell me more about her and how long she lived? Thank you.

  2. Glenn on November 23rd 10:42 pm

    Hi Lori,
    So sorry to hear of your nephews daughter, it must be very difficult for him, and for all of you…it was a big shock for our whole family circle.

    About the breathing tube, I am sure the doctors do not make decisions like that lightly, and it must be the kindest thing for the wee baby. So hard to understand.
    Two weeks can be young enough, even for a healthy baby to respond to voices…we are trying to remember about our video, we think it might have been taken around six weeks, so she was a wee bit stronger by then.
    Keren was with us here for eight and a half precious weeks, and we cherish the memory of every minute.
    I hope they just try to enjoy the time they have, hold her, and take photos if they can.

    We are intending to update the site here, with more memories of Keren, but with a young family it is very difficult to find the time, we will try to get some more up soon.
    Thinking of your family,
    Glenn & Geraldine

  3. Diane on April 14th 12:22 am

    Hi My brother and his wife had a beautiful baby girl on Wednesday, but was given the devastatin news today at 5 pm that she has edwards syndrome and that she will not live long. Looking at all the info tonight through tears, Im confused she look so perfect tiny . yes at 4lb 5. but brain and kidney scan clear breathing perfect and feeding wel through tube in her tiny mouth and opening her little eyes she is so beautiful we are all soo gutted

  4. Glenn on June 7th 8:48 pm

    Oh Diane, sometimes it is impossible to understand the way things happen, and it is important to make the most of the precious time we have.
    Thinking of you, and your brothers family,
    Glenn & Geraldine

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