Welcome, to a family touched by Trisomy 18

Let me introduce our family to you…

My name is Glenn, and my wife is Geraldine. We have six children. Jed, Kezia, Keren, two little twin boys, Elijah and Joah, and the latest addition, Jemima. This site is in memory of our third child, Keren.

Our darling little daughter, Keren, was born on 7th April 2006, with a life-limiting condition called Trisomy 18 (also known as Edwards Syndrome).

She was with us for 8 ½ precious weeks, and by sharing our experiences here, over time, Geraldine and I hope to keep Keren’s memory alive, and also help others, perhaps facing a similar trial.

Raising Awareness

The last week of Keren’s life with us, was spent in Horizon House (Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice) which does not receive any government funding but relies solely on the public’s generosity. Since experiencing first-hand what the Children’s Hospice actually does, I  felt a desire to do something in return.

In 2008, that desire developed into an awesome challenge…to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world, the tallest point in Africa.  Well… I made it to the summit, unquestionably the most difficult physical thing I have ever done!  In doing so, I helped bring in some much-needed money for the Children’s Hospice, and hopefully raised some public awareness for them, at the same time.

Donations to the Hospice are much appreciated,  my personal challenge may be completed, but the amazing work at Horizon House still goes on. Contributions really do make a difference, and can be made at the official Hospice website here.

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A good place to start…Our first encounter with Trisomy 18

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